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Customer Reviews

2021-03-23 16:53:16
Pocket option is very user friendly and effective! Great perks as well!
2021-03-22 14:32:17
It is a suitable option to testify how you are well done at binary trading
Keep running the platform and enjoy earning reasonable profits , don't forget to acknowledge your friends what is your position at pocket option!
2021-03-21 05:42:45
Trading 24/7!
2021-03-19 17:08:29
great platform
2021-03-19 01:54:10
Хорошо будет если вы сделаете с какой карты пополняешь она автоматом сохраняется в системе чтобы можно было на неё вывести средства
2021-03-16 00:30:44
100% secure than other platforms
2021-03-11 15:17:59
Great platform with unlimited indicators
2021-03-11 01:17:21
very very wonderful and interesting way to earn using binary options quite unique gems and achievement levels it keeps you focused and make you want to do more easy execution in trading platforms and great customer service ...
2021-03-10 09:33:10
I love Pocket Option ! It’s perfect for people who didn’t have a huge capital because they allow $50 deposits. I like being able to trade 30 seconds as well... The best part odd the quick withdrawals, my money hit my account in minutes !
2021-03-09 02:19:42
Guys , the withdrawal of fund with this Broker is fast at moment. That is the concern of all traders. The concern is solved here with Pocket Options fast payment.

Pocket Option is among the reliable broker when it comes to price execution at moment. Pocket Option DO not Manipulate candlestick because I have not witnessed such since I joined then over 2yrs.

I will give 10 stars to Pocket OPTION for dealing with customers. At moment they are the best. I have evidence to prove that. I am not an employee of Pocket option .this is my true experience with them.
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