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Customer Reviews

2022-01-21 05:55:59
My withdrawal issue is going on above 15 days. But otherwise App is good. Customer support also very good..

Withdrawal issue only happening 1st Time .

Dear Team pls Kindly rectify My Withdrawal issue..
2022-01-21 03:29:10
this app is literally underrated, ive been using po for about 3 years now and the community is great the money that is earned is even better maybe on good days lol, but ive suggested over 30 people and every last person thats used this app after me has had a good response, thank you so much pocket option i love you guys.
2022-01-20 13:44:50
Great service support
2022-01-17 23:03:35
Best trading platform, fast withdrawals, good deposit bonuses,support always answers fast and solves all problems.I quickly learned how to trade using demo account, regular and otc market both give good profits. I recomment this to everyone, thanks Pocket Option!
2022-01-17 14:07:08
overall one of the best trading platform for binary options and other services. i had just one question though. how do i change the location of the trading panel from the right side to the bottom of the chart. plz help
Thank you for the review! For now, the panel is fixed and cannot be moved.
2022-01-17 05:25:04
Awesome trade/saving and earning app.
Clear and understand enable learning material, quick support
HIGH PROFITS and depozit bonus, quick withdraw.
2022-01-17 04:50:25
Superb trading platform I love Pocket option
2022-01-16 00:57:52
THE Best App, has no competition!!! thank you who created it ... you are a genius.
2022-01-15 21:03:08
Pocket option is hands down the best platform for a beginner ,not to mention a full fledged trader I have nothing bad to say I'm just thankful for the updates.
2022-01-15 11:21:44
best app in the world

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