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Customer Reviews

2021-08-02 00:38:26
Best Broker I use is PO
2021-07-31 19:48:30
PO is my favorite trading platform
2021-07-30 03:40:41
Been Using PO for a little over a year now. And i love it. It's Binary options made easy for anyone at any trading level.
2021-07-29 00:53:11
I love pocketoptions however, I wish you could have a rollover tool and this platform would probably be there best to trade on also add in the option to trade more then 1000 at a time
2021-07-28 03:44:44
I have experience the low and high of pocket option and to be honest I have consider switching many times. I do feel is the best platform; nonetheless they lack on somethings like the ability to interact with the chart-- not just lines and trend lines but the ability to draw on the graph would be amazing-- also if they were to implement the ROLLOVER feature this platform would be the BEST of them all PERIOD.
2021-07-27 23:55:33
2021-07-27 20:12:02
great platform use more than my other broker platforms my favorite by far
2021-07-22 20:55:10
great platform
2021-07-21 18:39:55
PROBABLY the best THING YOUTube ever recommended
2021-07-20 23:28:16
very very friendly the platform and easy to understand by everyone
loads of tools but would be awsome if you guys can make it in a way to be able to draw on the chart, not just to be able to put some lines.. something like viewchart you know what i mean.
anyway overall, great ! no spread, always you get your money.
Thank you for the review! Sounds like a great idea, it is passed to the development team and we will keep it in mind.

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