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Customer Reviews

2022-04-28 06:18:08
This is a great website to trade
2022-04-28 05:13:04
SUper easy platform to learn and execute trades. OTC is great because you can trade around the clock. The demo account is HUGE for learning the strategies and how to use the indicators.

Only one thing I wish they improved on is the deposit and withdrawal options. I would like to see lower limits for all currencies and also, more currencies available to use.

Overall, I really enjoy this platform even though I haven't managed to get my profits into a positivenumber yet. I never walk away when I should. Over-trade right into a blown account every time. Stupid me!

Regardless----Great spot to learn binary options and make money. Give it a try and use one of the many promo codes available to get started.

Good Luck!
2022-04-28 03:23:22
عالی عالی عالی
2022-04-27 07:59:35
بهترین سایتی که دیدم واریز و برداشت آسان و آنی، اندیکاتورهایی که هر معامله‌گری نیاز داره اینجا هست، بهونه‌های الکی برای ثبت‌نام ایرانیها نداره و با خیال راحت داخلش معامله کنید
2022-04-26 22:13:13
I like this platform! Very cool and good for make cash.
2022-04-26 02:22:58
خیلی خیلی عالی
2022-04-26 01:36:09
it pretty good way to make cash if you need extra money
2022-04-25 16:37:35
Easy to use, understand and a great broker with higher payout percentages.
2022-04-22 00:22:57
Great broker. I made loses from the start but now profiting after learning the methods!
2022-04-21 17:39:58
واریز و برداشت سریع و همچنین امکانات بسیار زیاد این سایت واقعا این سایت رو متمایز کرده....من عاشق کار کردن در این سایت شدم...سپاس از همه کارمندان این سایت

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