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Customer Reviews

2022-06-11 06:01:11
Thanks for the bonuses! I'm back:)
2022-06-09 13:46:22
Best Platform ever...
2022-06-08 00:32:20
the best platform out hands down great broker low fees timely service that allows you to compound your account over time
2022-06-07 16:53:02
It is very good platform between of All platforms :) i like +1
2022-06-07 06:01:47
great broker
2022-06-05 12:52:14
one of the top brokers , im a newbie so i need to practice alot to be abl to have profit, and demo account makes is much easier.
2022-06-05 11:47:21
it is a good trading platform.
2022-06-04 20:50:56
Solid, legit platform where you can compound your account with little money. Very attractive platform that also gifts you awards and ranking achievements. I'm not a big fan of copying trades but I like how they offer incentives for many actions. They also have a safe where you can earn higher interest than a savings account. Deposit...Win your trades w/ proper risk management, then put that money you deposited into a safe and trade with free money. Rinse and Repeat! I wish the charts were closer to Trading view by design by it's dope enough to manage. Please learn how to locate pattern using multiple time frame analysis and what candles are and what they mean before starting your demo and live. It's as easy to make money as it is to lose money. The game is not about getting rich more than it is about protection and compounding.
2022-06-03 10:32:54
Yeah it's a good app for trading..
2022-06-02 18:31:22
Good opportunity for monetization and credit. Thanks for the pocket option that has always been at its peak. Thanks

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