Our mission is to provide the most innovative trading experience

Pocket Option was founded in 2017 by a team of talented IT and FinTech specialists who wanted to prove that people don’t need to compromise to earn on financial markets — that trading should be accessible, convenient and more fun.

Today, we continue to develop, improve and constantly innovate trading experience. We do believe that trading should be available to anyone in the world.

Why choose us?

We started as a small company with a handful of customers. We were new, our services were not as polished and popular as today. By the end of 2017 we had:


active users


trading turnover


countries and regions


average trader income per month

The number of active users who appreciate our service increases rapidly.

By the end of 2018 we hit our first million users mark.

In 2019 we already had more than 10 million registered users.

How we work with our clients?

Client satisfaction has been our top priority since the very beginning.
We aim not only to provide excellent customer support, but also on listening to clients’ feedback carefully.
Many wonderful ideas were inspired by our customers.
By the traders and for the traders!

Victor Head of Pocket Option customer support

Our timeline

  • Project launch
  • Social trading introduced on the platform
  • Affiliate program launched
  • New type of trading: tournaments
  • Market and achievement systems launched
  • Mobile apps are available for ios, android, windows
  • New type of trading: pending orders
  • Gems lottery launched
  • Website adaptation for mobile devices
  • Gems mining introduced
  • New interfaces for promo codes, indicators and drawings
  • New type of trading: MT5 forex
  • Improved account security
  • Multiple charts layout support
  • New type of trading: strike price
  • New platform interface and themes
  • Vip customers features
  • Chat and smart notifications
  • Improved social trading
  • Data centers settings
  • New type of trading: expresses
  • Major interface update, new themes
  • New type of trading: quick trading
  • Customer reviews section
  • New website design
  • New support desk
  • Pocket Option signal bot for Telegram
  • Custom candle colors
  • Chat helpers and moderators
  • Local payment method for India
  • Asian local payment methods
  • Placing % trade amounts
  • Premium services to our VIP clients
  • Optimized verification process
  • S5 quick trading timeframe
  • USD and crypto safes for passive income
  • New quick trading mode

What we believe. Our core values

Driving innovations

We stand on a constant pursuit of perfection. The introduction of new cutting-edge features and setting trends makes us the industry leaders.

Customer loyalty

Enabling clients to become high-performance traders and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant, and by consistently delivering top-notch service.

Truly social

We believe in the community. It drives us, it inspires us. Сomfort and truly social interaction among our customers is our top priority.


Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our project, challenging our people, demonstrating a "can-do" attitude and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.


Personal integrity and legal compliance are essential to our operation as a global enterprise. We're committed to international policies and practices that benefit our company and its clients.

Shared success

Our mission is to bring easy and accessible trading to customers worldwide, making possible to benefit from financial markets anytime and anywhere.

Join us

A trader career with Pocket Option puts you at the forefront of innovation in the digital age. Work with the brightest minds in business to imagine and invent the future.

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Advertencia sobre el riesgo:

La negociación en los mercados financieros conlleva riesgos. Los Contratos por Diferencia ("CFDs") son productos financieros complejos que se operan con margen. Operar con CFDs conlleva un alto nivel de riesgo, ya que el apalancamiento puede funcionar tanto a su favor como en su contra. Como resultado, los CFDs pueden no ser adecuados para todos los inversores porque usted puede perder todo su capital invertido. Usted no debe arriesgar más de lo que está dispuesto a perder. Antes de decidirse a operar, usted debe asegurarse de que entiende los riesgos que implica y de que tiene en cuenta sus objetivos de inversión y su nivel de experiencia.