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2022-02-25 05:55:18
افراد مختلف در پاکت آپشن نظرات مختلفی دارند. من به نظرات همه احترام میگزارم، اما برخی از نظرات بدون حقیقت و خارج از انصاف هستند. نظرات افرادی که بدون دانش ترید می کنند، این افراد در صورت برنده شدن برد خودشون رو به توانایی خودشون و هنر معامله مرتبط می دانند و در صورت باخت،تقصیر رو به گردن بروکر می اندازند.
به نظر من ترید کردن بدون دانش ترید در هر بازار به قمار شباهت دارد پس بدون دانش باینری نباید وارد بازی باینری بشویم. پاکت آپشن تنها بروکری است که علاوه بر تلاش برای آموزش مشتریان در تمام مراحل همراه مشتریان آماتور و حرفه ای خود است و من اگرچه هنوز به سود نرسیدم ولی به این نتیجه رسیدم که پاکت آپشن از سود بردن مشتریان و ترغیب دیگر مشتریان به ترید بیشتر سود میبرد و تمام تلاش خود را برای آشنایی مشتریان با دانش ترید می کند. من از پاکت آپشن سپاسگزارم.
2022-02-23 15:56:13
این بروکر جزو بهترین بروکرهاست با پلتفرم عالی و اندیکاتور و اسیلاتورهای متعدد، پشتیبانی از اکثر ارزها و سهام ها ، واریز و برداشت سریع و به طریق های مختلف، و پشتیبانی قوی و عالی. من که خیلی راضی ام.
2022-02-23 15:24:39
Just joined pocketoption after reviewing it for a week now. I'm excited to get started. Go PO!!!!
2022-02-23 14:32:24
This is an awesome trading company. I absolutely love this platform, it allows me to make quick and easy trades. Definitely 5 stars
2022-02-23 02:06:28
I have been with Pocket Option for approximately 6 months and I can honestly say they are one of, if not the best broker out there. I have made withdraws with no problems and the platform is very easy to navigate thru. By far the best broker I have used in my 2 years of trading.
2022-02-22 17:34:42
Poket Option is the most trustful binary options broker in the world.Overall the platforms looks very good. The risk free trading is owesem also they sent free bonuses to every trader i recommend pocket option to all binary option traders.thanks poket option.
2022-02-22 17:23:35
This is a Top Platform wich online or app can be use.
6 stars for the rating
2022-02-22 04:30:17
I have been with Pocket Option for 1 years now and never faced any problems with them. Regarding the withdrawal of funds, Pocket Option always and quickly withdraw money. I want to say that they are honest and reliable broker in world. I wish everyone to trade with Pocket Option. Thank you Pocket Option for your great platform.
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2022-02-20 10:46:48
Hello, I am Alisa from Iran
id 25336139
Friends, my opinion about this site is that Envelope pocket Option was able to change my lifestyle and financial situation. This site is excellent and has regular payments. I have been receiving payments from this site for four years. Its support is fast responding. It has many markets and is very reputable. I suggest you try this trading space. As a trader, I endorse this site in every way.
2022-02-19 21:02:11
I have been with Pocket Options for a couple of months now and haven’t made very much money yet but, I believe the ability to be successful on this broker is all about a balance of copy trading (no more than 1%) and learning the indicators myself. Still there is more to be successful, there needs to be a daily trading plan in place. I see the chat messages and some people are frustrated, for them I would say if someone shared their strategy with you, don’t just dive in and use it on the live account. Use the demo account and modify the strategy to fit your trading style. Learn for yourselves things like support and resistance, candles, and indictors. Have knowledge in a 55% success rate can be profitable if you have a money management plan and you have fewer loses with a 90% payout than you do with a 60% payout.
I have some strategies that I had to customize for my trading style. With that I know that I will be successful soon. Good luck out there traders.

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