$1 min
Start your trading career with the minimal investment of just $1. Generate profits without the risk of losing large investments. Available trade order amount varies from $1 to $5000.
100% bonus
on the first deposit
Get an extra 100% bonus to your trading account balance for your deposit over $100. Deposit bonus is a gift amount that you can use for trading and generating profit.
بدون ریسک
Deposit $100 or more and automatically receive a $10 risk-free. The bonus allows you to cancel any lost non-hedged trade up to $10. The funds are instantly returned to the trading account balance.
No fees
on deposits and withdrawals
More than 50 payment methods available for depositing and withdrawal. Fast transaction processing, 0% platform fees. All you need for hassle-free trading.
You can always get a quick and professional support. Create a support ticket, send an email or even make an old-fashioned phone call to get assistance.
Be among the PRO-traders who opt for modern, dynamic leading trading platform with a lot of innovations and unique features. Social trading, strike-price, express-trades.
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ثبت نام
Create an account for free using your email address or Facebook and Google+ accounts.
Explore the platform
See what it’s like to earn on financial markets without investing own money using DEMO-account with a $10 000 virtual balance.
شروع به کسب درآمد کنید
Start making profits with our special trading conditions.
Why choose Pocket Option?
Trading made easy
A supreme choice for online trading on financial markets
Customizable interface
Customize the platform to make it better fit to your needs — from chart type to color theme.
Support 24/7
A team of professionals are always ready to assist you.
حساب نمایشی (دمو)
Try all the platform benefits on the Demo account with $10 000 virtual money.
Smooth Trading
Fast trade orders execution is guaranteed by the maintenance of the two high-capacity trading servers.
صداقت افزون مشتری
Tournaments, lottery, regular bonuses, promo codes and many more.
Passive Income
Copy trades of the PRO-users automatically. Earn with the best.
Innovative Platform
MT5 forex, Expresses Trades, Strike price, Pending Trades, Achievements.
Truly Social
Communicate with traders around the world on the built-in chats.


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مکان مناسب برای تجارت آنلاین در بازارهای مالی
The most convenient trading interface. Instant access to more than 100 assets of the world's leading companies.
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معاملات در بازارهای مالی خطراتی را به همراه دارد. قراردادهای متفاوت ("CFD") محصولات مالی پیچیده ای هستند که با حاشیه معامله می شوند. معاملات CFD دارای ریسک بالایی است زیرا اهرم می تواند هم به نفع و هم به ضرر شما باشد. در نتیجه، CFD ممکن است برای همه سرمایه گذاران مناسب نباشد زیرا ممکن است تمام بودجه سرمایه گذاری شده خود را از دست بدهید. شما نباید بیشتر از چیزی که آماده از دست دادن هستید، ریسک کنید. قبل از تصمیم گیری برای تجارت، باید مطمئن شوید که ریسک های موجود را درک کرده اید و اهداف سرمایه گذاری و سطح تجربه خود را در نظر می گیرید..

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