Payment Policy

1.1 The company is financially responsible for the clients account balance in any particular moment.

1.2 Company's financial responsibility starts with the first record about the customer's deposit and continues up to a full withdrawal of funds.

1.3 The client has the right to demand from the Company any amount of funds which is available in his/her account at the time of the enquiry.

1.4 The only official methods of deposits/withdrawals are the methods which appear on the company's official website. The client assumes all the risks related to the usage of these payment methods since the payment methods are not the company's partners and not the company's responsibility. The company is not responsible for any delay or cancelation of a transaction which was caused by the payment method. In case the client has any claims related to any of the payment methods, it is his/her responsibility to contact the support service of the particular payment method and to notify the company about those claims.

1.5 The company does not assume any responsibility for the activity of any third party service providers which the customer may use in order to make a deposit/withdrawal. The company's financial responsibility for the client's funds starts when the funds have been loaded to the company's bank account or any other account related to the payment methods which appear on the company's website. In case any fraud is detected during or after a financial transaction, the company reserves the right to cancel such transaction and freeze the client's account.
The Company's responsibility for the clients' funds ends when the funds are withdrawn from the company's bank account or any other account related to the company.

1.6 In case of any technical mistakes related to financial transactions, the company reserves the right to cancel such transactions and their results.

1.7 The client may have only one registered account on the company's website. In case the company detects any duplication of the customer's accounts, the company reserves the right to freeze the customer's accounts and funds without the right of withdrawal.

2. Client's registration

2.1 Client's registration is based on two main steps:

- Client's web registration.
- Client's identity verification.

In order to complete the first step the client needs to:

- Provide the company with his/her real identity and contact details.
- To accept the company's agreements and their appendices.

2.2 In order to complete the second step the company needs to request and the client needs to provide

- a scan or digital photo of his/her identification document.
- full copy of all the pages of his/her ID documet with the photo and personal details.

The company reserves the right to demand from the client any other documents, such as payment bills, bank confirmation, bank card scans or any other document that may be necessary during the identification process.

2.3 The identification process must be completed in 10 business days since the company`s request. In some cases the company may increase the identification period up to 30 working days.

3. Deposit process

In order to make a deposit, the client shall to make an enquiry from his Personal Cabinet. In order to complete the enquiry, the client needs to choose any of the payment methods from the list, fill in all the necessary details and continue with the payment.

The following currencies are available for deposit: USD

Withdrawal request processing time depends on the payment method and may vary from one method to another. The company cannot regulate the processing time. In case of using electronic payment methods, the transaction time can vary from seconds to days. In case of using direct bank wire, the transaction time can be акщь 3 up to 45 business days.

4. Taxes

The company is not a tax agent and does not provide the clients' financial information to any third parties. This information can only be provided in case of an official demand from government agencies.