What will help you in trading?

Step #1

Explore your weaknesses

The first step to self-improvement is to find out your weak points in order to start developing and working on them. Give priority to the hardest aspects. From a disciplinary perspective, the most common distractions or obstructions are emotions. Emotions drive many of our decisions, especially in trading.

Not knowing where to start or what to do is okay if you are working on a situation. Using money management and keeping a trader's diary will be able to eliminate uncertainty and chaos during trading and will help develop trading discipline, using a demo account will help to develop all skills.

What's next?
Step #2

Stick to the plan

Once you understand what is holding back discipline and what needs to be changed, come up with a new routine and be sure to stick to it, no matter the circumstances. Try to be mindful of the matter and think about what you are doing to continually develop discipline.

Discipline is a habit, and each habit takes time to develop and become entrenched in your practice. Eliminate bad habits, try to track your progress and evaluate it. The most important thing is tracking results. This helps to spot changes and motivates you to keep working.

What is the next step?
Step #3

Cheer up and encourage yourself

Remember to reward yourself for doing good work. It can be simple verbal praise, but the main thing is to constantly stimulate yourself.

But even if it doesn't work the first time, don't give up. It only says that you are human. It is difficult to maintain discipline, and everyone can step back from it from time to time. If you find the advice isn't working, go back to the first point and think about why your routine isn't working. It is important that you take the time to identify your mistakes and work on them in the future

How to apply your knowledge?
Step #4

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