How to make money on
currency fluctuations?

Many people have an idea of how stock trading takes place, and large agencies extract multimillion-dollar profits from this.

The market economy is designed in such a way that supply and demand form the value of an asset.


Why exchange rates are volatile

The exchange rate can be determined either as a result of the interaction of market forces, or by law.
In the first case, the rate depends on the demand for the currency and its supply in the foreign exchange market; in the second case, the rate is set by the state.
Ultimately, a currency is exactly the same traded asset, the price of which is determined by supply and demand.
Make money on the exchange rate
Make money on the exchange rate

What are the tools for making money on exchange rates

international interbank
foreign exchange market
  • Unlimited trade size
  • Difficult for beginners
    Not predicted profitability
contracts for
Difference or Options
  • Easy for beginners
    Fixed trade size
    Easily predictable profitability
Both instruments represent an excellent opportunity to “enter the market” and capitalize on changes in the market prices of traded assets. CFDs, or options, are the most preferred for novice traders.

What is the easiest way to make money with minimal investment

Options are distinguished by the maximum simplicity of forecasting and the fastest opportunity to make a profit with a minimum investment in three simple steps:
a traded asset
Create a forecast
(price increase or decrease)
Set forecast execution time
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What are the recommendations for successful trading

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